Original - français
Dominick Parenteau-Lebeuf Canada
Écrit en 2014


2019 Belgique

Lansman Editeur
Traduction - anglais (Canada)
Iris holds a salon
traduit par Forsyth Louise H.

Résumé ou extrait

Iris, an eight-year-old girl, receives the gift of a dictionary from her mother. She lands on the word “salon” in the dictionary and is fascinated by the expression “to hold a salon.” Encouraged by her mother, who tells Iris that this is a very fine concept which has died away and says to her that she has all the natural distinction needed to breathe new life into it, Iris grows ten centimetres on the spot and decides to … hold a salon.

Nombre de personnages

femme(s) : 1


Forsyth Louise H.


Autre(s) traduction(s)
Samiento Violeta