Original - français
Erika Tremblay-Roy Canada


2019 Belgique

Lansman Editeur
Traduction - anglais (Canada)
The Problem with Pink
traduit par Diamond Alexis

Résumé ou extrait

Playing happily on their private pink carpet, each day is full of fun and stories for friends Alix, Sacha, Lou and Noa. From afar, the outside world seeps into their games. A plane flies overhead ? They grow long, long wings. It starts raining ? No problem : they splash in the puddles, instantly waterproof. But everything changes when they get the terrible news from the outside : the colour pink is for girls. Suddenly, the perception of others becomes a major preoccupation, muddling their imaginations in the process. They are boys! This place - this pink place - is not for them. Not anymore.

Nombre de personnages

homme(s) : 3

femme(s) : 1


2019 - Canada

Lansman Editeur
Place de la Hestre 19
BE-7170 Manage
t. +32 64 23 78 40
f. +32 64 23 78 49

ISBN : 2807102522


Diamond Alexis