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Beautiful thing
Jonathan Harvey Royaume Uni
Écrit en 1993

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Jamie, a teen who is infatuated with his classmate, Ste, has to deal with his single mother Sandra, who is occupied with her ambitious plans to open her own pub, and with her ever-changing lovers, the latest of whom is Tony, a neo-hippie. Sandra finds herself at odds with Leah, a sassy and rude neighbour girl who has been expelled from school, does several drugs, and constantly listens and sings along to her mother's Cass Elliot records. While Jamie's homosexuality remains concealed, his introvert nature and dislike of football are reason enough for his classmates to bully him at every opportunity. Ste, who is living together with his drug-dealing brother and his abusive and alcoholic father in the apartment next door, one night gets beaten by his brother so badly that Sandra takes pity and lets him sleep over. In the absence of a third bed, Ste has to make do with sleeping top-to-toe with Jamie. On the second night they share a bed, after a massage and a minor conversation, the boys soon change sleeping arrangements, lying side by side, and Jamie kisses Ste for the first time. The next morning, Ste panics and leaves before Jamie awakens, avoiding him for days. Jamie works up the nerve to steal a Gay Times from a news shop, apparently starting to accept his sexuality and his affection for Ste. Jamie finally spots Ste at a nearby party and confronts him; they prepare to leave together. The party ends badly though, with Sandra taking vengeance on Leah for gossiping, who then spills the beans about Ste and Jamie. Ste reacts poorly, angrily rejecting Jamie and running away. Slowly, Ste accepts Jamie's love and their relationship develops as they visit a gay pub together. Sandra follows them and discovers their secret, and the movie reaches its climax as a bad trip by Leah (on an unnamed drug) precipitates Sandra's breakup with Tony; the news of Sandra's new job comes out; and Sandra confronts Ste and Jamie. Sandra comes to accept her son's relationship.

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homme(s) : 3

femme(s) : 2

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Jonathan Harvey

Royaume Uni

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